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The Trust looks to generate long-term capital and income growth from a portfolio consisting mainly of FTSE All-Share companies. Our well-diversified portfolio has outperformed its benchmark over the long term under Julian Cane, our Fund Manager for over 25 years.

A recognised “AIC Dividend Hero”, our dividend has increased every year since launch in 1992 and grown at more than twice the rate of inflation. Dividends are paid at the end of each calendar quarter. Investor demand remains strong and the Company continues to grow through regular new share issues. Our ongoing Charges of only 0.59% (year ended 30 September 2022) represents very good value for Shareholders.

Awarded to investment companies with increased annual dividend growth for at least 30 consecutive years.

Employer with over 10 years of experience

Employer with over 10+ years of experience

Various industries completed in 2022

Over million dollar value on investment

What we achieved

We Proud of our Awards

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Pricing plans

pricing for our projects

Sketch project

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  • Architect Hourly Rate
  • Combination
  • Architectural Plans
  • Fixed Fees


Design project

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  • Architect Hourly Rate
  • Combination
  • Architectural Plans
  • Fixed Fees


work project

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  • Architect Hourly Rate
  • Combination
  • Architectural Plans
  • Fixed Fees


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Top frequently asked questions

Is the email, text, letter or call asking you for financial and personal info?

Fraudsters pretend to be companies who you may have relationships with such as Columbia Threadneedle. Be wary even if you think you recognise the sender. Genuine companies never ask for financial details in an email/text or unsolicited call. Don’t reply, and don’t click on any links or attachments.

Do you know who really sent the communication, or made the call?

If in doubt, phone the company on a trusted number or visit their website by typing their web address directly into the address bar. Don’t click on a link or copy and paste from the email/text itself. Do not try to contact the company on a number, address or email provided on the suspected communication.

Is the email/text/letter or call trying to scare you into action?

Communications from reputable companies should sound reasonable and calm. Fraudulent messages often contain threats of account suspension or immediate risk of fraud. If you’re not sure about a communication you have received purporting to be from Columbia Threadneedle, you can always phone us on +44 740 170 3814.

How to tell a suspicious email/ text from a real one:

We never ask you to confirm personal or financial information in an email/ text. Scam emails/ texts often look strange, with a messy layout and spelling mistakes. Our email addresses always end with or We never ask you to carry out a test payment online or transfer money.   We will never ask you to send personal information or identity documentation to an address which isn’t listed on our website.

My financial situation has changed – what can I do?

We understand that the recent increase in living costs has impacted many of our investors. Our plans are designed to be flexible to adapt as your circumstances change. If you need to, you can amend your Direct Debit using our online portal or by calling our customer services team. If you decide to amend your direct debit amount, please remember the minimum monthly investment is £25 per account.

“ Service and information was prompt and honest. Usually one has to make certain commitments before getting a full report and breakdown sheet with recommendations on investment advice. Would recommend to include 'CT' for anyone looking for investment advice.”

Mark Peter

“ I have never experienced more responsive service or more balanced financial advice than I have from Investonline. They are caring, personally involved and most sincere. Highly recommended. ”

John Miller

My experience with this company has been the best.. I really appreciate the knowledge and the level of professionalism and patience I received

Brenda Ndzipho


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